How I Started My First Blog?



Yes, this is my first post.

It took a lot of thinking, overthinking, researching, starting, quitting, and restarting before finally starting a blog that was really started.

Almost a year was filled with thoughts on Blogging before I just started out. I was not clear about blogging basics as a beginner.

There was a lot to know before starting a blog. We need to find a good domain and choosing the best web hosting service was the primary task for me.

Eventually, when starting my blog, I was looking for cheap web hosting that could handle a WordPress site without any hassles. It was around November when I figured Hostinger was my primary web host that fits my needs and bought their WordPress hosting plan.

Now the fun fact. I had come up with a name for my website and has bought the domain name from GoDaddy, around 8-9 months before. This was a creepy and funny thing when you see your domain is up for renewal even before starting the idea.

Anyway the blog was started. You’re reading it. Read on!


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